What is a Guest House?

Definition of a guesthouse.

It is a homestay with rooms to share, some even offer dormitories, it is a mixture of shared accommodation, bed and breakfast, hotels. A Guest house can be found anywhere in the world such as in Japan, Thailand, New Caledonia, Spain, Mexico, etc.

Celons the guesthouse, comfort is not the same, so you can easily find a Guest house that offers air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, fridge, kitchen and shared bathroom. .. It is not a generality alas. For bedding, there are also sheets and towels. Important thing, you are independent there, each one leads his life on his side.

Community life is compulsory, you share the living spaces, certain rules must be respected so that the group remains tidy, particularly in terms of hygiene. Who is going to take care of taking out the trash, who ate everything in the fridge, who doesn’t flush after the big commission, who hasn’t done the dishes?

Overall, the guest house is a good plan for cheap sleep with the locals, the community is enriching, this type of temporary accommodation is ideal for travel, backpackers and backpackers will find their account. It is a human adventure, “tourism” in total immersion in the host country, a good way to learn a foreign language.